Energy clearing is so important to clear away your own negative thoughts and thoughts around you, that weighs down your energy, energy clearing should be done regularly.

Here is a guided Energy Clearing technique that you can use:

You may call in Archangel Michael and say a prayer from your heart centre:

“I call upon my team and angels, Archangel Michael, to please cleanse my energy of any negative thought forms that do not serve me and to step into being of service at a higher level.”

By keeping your attention on your heart center and allowing your energy to relax, as you then begin to tune into a golden orb of light above your head, as Archangel Michael then steps forward, shining down a golden solar light to cleanse your energy.

As you tune into this brilliant orb of golden light, imagine it shining down upon you in a golden column and you then surround and immerse your body, mind and spirit with this beautiful column of golden light. As you allow the golden light to enter into your heart center, as it ignite, awakens and fills you with this golden solar light.

As you immerse yourself from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet in this orb light, as you sense this golden light around you, imagine and visualize the golden orb around you as it now begins to spin in a counter clockwise motion around your body, as this orb of light spins faster unlocking from your energy field cutting away anything that is not of your highest self, releasing and cutting away any lower vibrations, fear toxins that do not serve you. Ask Archangel Michael to cut away any cords from any person that is not of your highest good, you may become aware of memories, feelings or sensations, just acknowledge them and let them go as they begin to be release.

When you are ready, allow the orb of light to lift up above your begin to take with it any remaining fear, negativity, distortion and anything that is not of your highest good.

As you allow the final release of this energy to be release by Archangel Michael into the light, as you feel your auric field and subtle body, bathing you into this pure golden ight as it gently flows into your heart center, as your heart light expands around you, illuminating your body with a glowing angelic energy from within.

As you finish this cleansing process, finish with a graditude:

Thank you Archangel Michael and all the angels for assisting in this cleansing ritual energy. I ask that you continue to guide and assist me in shining my highest light and being of service at a higher level.”

Love and Light


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