Your Higher Self is the higher Divine aspect of you that is fully connected to the all. Whether you are aware of the presence of your higher self or not, they are always looking out for what is best for you. Your higher self guides support you in becoming aware of your innate connection and oneness with the Divine and All That Is.

There are many benefits of connecting with your Higher Self, one of them is that it empowers you to perceive from a Higher Divine perspective and to simply observe your present situation from your higher knowing and Divine truth.

To connect to your higher self, it’s about clearing your mind, silencing your thoughts and tuning into yourself and being fully aware of the here and now.

When you’re relaxed, you then will be able to consciously call in light around you and your then be able to connect to your Higher Divine Self.

Steps to connect with your Higher Self:

  1. Sit back and close your eyes and just begin to direct your attention inward.

2. Breathe in, and as you inhale, imagine that you are breathing in light from in and all around.

3. Let it fill your abdomen, center around your solar plexus of your core essence.

4. As you exhale...let go…breathe in the Divine light…And as you exhale, release and let go of all that no longer serves you.

5. You can then begin to ask to call in your spirit guides, angels, teachers, helpers and all that is around you, supporting you and as you do, breathe in the light.

6. Exhale and let go and become aware from above that an incredible light enters in…… the light of your Higher Self…moving towards you….moving all around.

7. You can then imagine that the light of your Highest Divine Self begins to connect with you through thousand of strands of light that connect you from where you are in the physical world with the Highest Divine Light and truth of you and as the strands of light connect with you.

Feel your vibration lift… feel your energy relax and be open to receive the frequency transmission of love to receive your Higher Self. Keep your mind clear, focus on your breathe, present in this moment, you can then receive guidance from your Higher Self as wall as a profound frequency shift from changing your state of embodiment through awareness.

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