Welcome to the start of Autumn….This month’s blog is about opening up The Third Eye…….

The Third Eye is an energy center located in the head. It is a gateway to higher consciousness. Opening the third eye is the pathway to opening of the inner realms and the spiritual vision that is within us.

The third eye through the chakra system is the colour indigo, this chakra is sometimes seen as the master chakra for the entire energy system and is said to increase wisdom and order in your life.

The Third Eye Energy Center acts as the key, which when activated, opens the door to a higher state of consciousness and experiences of seeing and perceiving beyond the physical world.

How Can You Open Up Your Third Eye?

Opening of the Third Eye can be achieved through meditation, when you have a clear calm mind and are relaxed, energy is conducive to tapping into the higher states of light and awareness that can help to activate you further.

Once the third eye is activated, there are many blessings of higher consciousness, divine guidance and clear perception beyond the physical world that can open up to you.

Signs That Your Third Eye is Opening up:

When your Third Eye is opening, there is usually a sensation that you feel between your eyebrows, this may feel like a tinging sensation, a slight pressure, when you focus your awareness to this center, it will then guide you to further open your third eye.

Seeing Lights With Your Eyes Closed:

  • As you open your Third Eye, you may begin to see lights, colours, or movement when your eyes are closed. This may begin during your meditations, or when you’re focused to the feeling sensation of your Third Eye Center.

When light and movement begin to appear, simply just observe them through your awareness and it is best not to react, just observe, relax and allow the colours and movement to take shape.

Increased Intuition:

  • When your Third Eye is open you will likely to experience an increase awareness of your intuition and foresight, this is the ability to see and know how things will happen before they actually happen. So, listen to your intuition and continue to awaken your Third Eye.

Love & Light


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