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Psychic/Medium Readings

My readings tend to be a blend of Mediumship and psychic information. Helen works with energy and uses psychometry (a personal item to help tune into energy) for her readings and although it is my intention and desire to bring forth the Spirit or Spirits you wish to connect with I cannot guarantee that they will choose to step forward. I connect to the Spirit world  to create the space to allow your loved ones to step forward and have an opportunity to connect with you. By having this connection it can help bring about closure, healing and peace of mind allowing us to move forward in our lives knowing that our loved ones are still around us. 

No matter what comes up within a reading in regards to intuitive information you still have free will, this means you can change your path, your mind or your ambitions at any time in regards to your future. You can gain clarity, focus and direction with an  reading but nothing should be taken as being set in stone, and to remember that you are ultimately in charge of your life and your decisions. If any loved ones that have passed over, and wish to provide you with any messages and guidance, Helen will be the go-between to convey those messages to you. 

 1 hour session – Cost $120                 

Readings can be face to face/phone reading or/Zoom Sessions are available in Australia, and internationally including UK and USA.                                                         

Akashic Record Readings/Soul Readings

By opening up your own Akashic Records or ‘your soul book,” it can offer you guidance and  ways to overcome boundaries and limitations in relation to where you are now and to where you want to be, and to help achieve your full potential and fulfilment in life. Our soul has had many life’s times before, and by accessing the Akashic Records, we can find where our soul has been.

1 hour session – Cost $120   

  Face to face/Phone reading/Zoom Sessions are available in Australia and internationally including UK and USA

Spirtual Healing & Angelic Healing

In these healings, I use a combination of Pranic Healing, Crystal healing, Reiki and Spiritual Healing.

Pranic Healing is an ancient art of healing that uses life-force or ‘prana’ to correct energy imbalances in the body’s energy field. It was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui. The system treats the body and energy as a single entity and heals the body by restoring life-force and facilitating smooth energy flow around the body. These healing sessions are tailored to suit the individual needs, I can assist in cutting cords from past relationships/people, assist in healing from past lives and present lives with a combination of spiritual techniques that I have developed, these healings are very intense  and with very effective results. By removing blockages and negative feelings we are able to move forward in life with confidence.

Pranic Healing therapy works on the principle that the aura or energy field around the body distributes energy to all parts of the body. By healing energy imbalances in the energy field around the physical body, pranic healing treats physical health conditions as well. Pranic healing is a non-invasive, non-contact form of healing. Since the therapy is based on the bio-plasmic body or the energy field, by healing energy imbalances in the energy field around the physical body, increasing the life energy of the body, and can accelerate this natural healing process.

 Crystals are a wonderful healing tool and by using specific crystals to assist in correcting any energy imbalances in your body and energy field, it is then that natural healing can occur. Crystal healing can be amplified for energy healing, to help clear, balance and energize chakras. Crystals are a wonderful healing tool and by using specific crystals to assist in correcting any energy imbalances in your body and energy field, it is then that natural healing can occur.

Angelic Reiki works with the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings. It is the healing for our time. Angelic Reiki is a powerful healing modality that works within the highest energies of the Angelic Realm, by bringing in the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings, it allows us to reach deeply in areas that need balancing and healing including multidimensional and to go into past lives to heal issues that have been carried forward into this life. 

Spiritual Healing, can treat a wide range of issues including:

  •  Accelerating Healing
  •  Pain reduction
  •  Improving Immunity
  •  Ease trauma/grief
  • Relieving stress/anxiety
  • Releasing trauma from past lives and present lives
  • Releasing of negative thought patterns
  • Balancing the central chakra’s
  •  General Health and Wellbeing

1 hour session – Cost $90
1.5 hours session $135

THETA Healing

Theta healing is a mediative technique conducted while the client and practitioner are in a Theta brainwave state.

This process allows us to discover the underlying beliefs related to disease and illness.

As we change those beliefs, the body begins to dis-create physical and emotional issues on a cellular level. We are in fact, the product of our thoughts. By using Theta Healing we can change our mind/body connection to create better health and well-being.

Theta Healing can be used for trauma, fears and phobias, stress and depression, relationships and negative family patterns, to create abundance and prosperity, find success and reach goals. In fact, It can improve any area of your life. It is a great tool for personal growth and for use as an alternative therapy treatment.

Theta healing can be beneficial for:

  • Reducing anxi Rety and depression
  • Finding clarity and purpose

  • Releasing long held patterns and beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward into your best life

  • Support you to clear blocks around manifesting what you want in your life and creating more abundance

  • Helping to clear blockages and removing core beliefs
  • Help deepen your self awareness, intuitive guidance and ability to have deep and stable connections with those you are in relationship with.

    1 hour session  – Cost $125


    Hypnotherapy is an awaken state, where you have access to your subconscious mind. Our belief systems and behaviours reside in the subconscious mind, the conscious mind is responsible for keeping them there. So, when someone tells you something that you think is not true, your conscious mind may reject that idea or suggestion. 

    In hypnosis, we relax the conscious mind to gain access to the powerful subconscious mind. In this relaxed state, we can easily get positive ideas to the powerful subconscious mind and therefore we are able to make positive changes.  Hypnotherapy is a very effective tool to help people make change to  certain behaviours or beliefs patterns that they are holding onto in life, once we have access to the unconscious mind we can make positive changes to our lives. Hypnotherapy can assist in certain areas on our lives including weight loss, quit smoking, anxiety, shyness, fear and phobias.

    We can also go deeper into hypnotherapy with past life regression, it can be a very powerful tool for difficulties we may have in our current life.

    So, by taking us back to previous lives lived, that have relevance to issues we face in our current life, we can gain access to helpful information. Many issues that we struggle to resolve in our current life can be considered to relate to difficulties in previous lives lived. Once we have gained information relating to past life issues, we can then help heal this particular area in our lives that we are currently experiencing, which can a powerful healing tool to us. Past life healings have been proven to be very powerful, where a combination of healing techniques are used.



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    What to expect from a spiritual/Energy healing?

    A treatment session will include, discussion with the client, by taking their details and getting an understanding of the client and what their needs are and why they have come to see me.

    The treatment will then start, the client will need to lie on a massage table. The client remains fully clothed throughout the process and is free to stop the treatment at any stage.

    Soft music will be played during the session, with essential oils burning. After the treatment feedback and review will be given and a treatment planned can then be implemented.

    Treatments can be tailored to suit a client’s individually needs.

    Clients may experience some form of emotional release during a session, this is a normal feeling and should an emotional release occur, it is important not to suppress it. Releasing the emotion enables healing to occur. Clients may also experience any form of emotions a few days after the treatment, again this is perfectly normal and clients should be aware not to suppress their emotions during this time. It is therefore very important to drink lots of water after a treatment and up to several days afterwards, to help flush away any toxins that may have been released, otherwise it is possible that clients could experience headaches or feel very tired after a treatment.

    Some clients will immediately feel an improvement, while for others the energetic change may take several days to occur. Some clients may also experience varying emotional states, ranging from memories of the past, to anger or even joy, when this occurs the client is actually ‘’processing’’ and clearing ‘’old baggage’’, as a result of the energetic changes. This is sometimes referred to as a healing crisis, it is just the body’s way of releasing what needs to be cleared and to bring your awareness, as to what no longer serves us and what to let go of.

    How many sessions will I need?

    This can vary depending on the client’s needs and the type of problem and what the client wishing to achieve. Usually several treatments are best to achieve to gain optimal results. One treatment alone will probably not be able to heal you fully.

    Regular sessions can help keep us full of health and vitality and over a period of time, we can clear more issues and therefore we are able to life our lives to its fullest and to sustain the changes in your life.

    After the session?

    After the treatment session, I will follow up with you via email or telephone to see how you are going.

    During this time, we can discuss your healing journey and if any other further treatments are needed for your ongoing healing journey. I will be there to help guide and support you throughout your healing journey.

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