We each have many Spirit Guides throughout our lifetimes. Mostly we are unaware of them, but they are always there, guiding and protecting us. They may even appear to us as a helpful stranger in times of crisis, but are never to be seen after the event.

It is believed that we have different guides who play different roles in our lives

Teachers. These guides assist in our studies and development, and in the understanding of philosophy and universal laws.

Healers. These guides inspire us to take care of ourselves, eat well, maintain our general wellbeing and to stay healthy. They provide healing energy and help to keep our energies aligned. They will also assist when we give healing to other.

Protectors. These are important guides when we are working on our spiritual and psychic development – these are often the first to make themselves known to us. They protect our space and energies from negative influences.

Messengers. These guides amplify intuitive messages, assist in finding information and pass messages to us when we are doing medium work.

Helpers. These guides are attracted to us at times to help with a short term project or to assist in developing a particular skill.


Archangels are very high frequency angels who oversee the guardian angels. They direct the guardian angels. They also undertake large projects to help you on Earth. They pass ideas and information to the Principalities and Powers or a higher-frequency beings.

If you need guardian in your life, don’t forget to call upon your guides and Angels in spirit.

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