Clairaudience can happen by external hearing, more often than not it unfolds through an internal voice. It’s not just hearing your own thoughts, but rather hearing the guidance of spirit in an internal voice. By raising your vibration, you’re naturally in closer alignment with the higher realms.

You can also call in your guides and Angels by saying:

“Guides and Angels, please step forward now, help me to raise my vibration. open my heart and expand my energy so that I’m in close vibrational alignment with you. I ask that you support me in clearly hearing your guidance. Help me to open my clairaudience. I ask this according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is”.

Clairaudience often works as an internal voice in order to hear, so by quieting your own mind, it allows your ability to hear spirit.

This is why meditation is the key for opening all of your psychic abilities and your clairaudience.

By quieting your mind, opening your heart and tuning into the light around you.

Practice quieting your mind, opening your heart and simply being present and be aware in the moment.

When you’re able to easily do this, you can start asking a question before or during your meditation. Ask your spirit guides and Angels for guidance and then quieten your mind, and listen to your inner voice or wisdom to appear.

The guidance from your angels may come in many ways, and you may begin to hear a sound, a song, or a message relayed through your inner voice or clairaudence.

A great way to start developing you clairaudience is to become a better listener. Fully listen to others when they are speaking to you, instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next. Be present, open and receptive to what other people are saying.

By listening to the sounds around you when you lay down to sleep at night, or the sounds of nature when you’re outside.

You have to quieten the voice of your ego mind to become aware of all the sounds happening around you. When you quieten your mind and listen, you are naturally going to be more receptive to hearing the guidance of spirit as well.

Practice imagining sounds until you can clearly hear them in your mind. Notice how your inner voice sounds and where in your mind these sounds are located.

By imagining hearing the following sounds:

Rain falling

Water dripping

A river flowing

A piano playing

Waves of the ocean.

Love and light


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