Do you often wake up at 3am, 4am or even 5am and you don’t really want to?

This time period is often referred to as ‘The Witching hour’.

The Witching hour is the time in the early morning which when the veil is thin and accessing the realms of spirit gets easier. It is a time of consciousness and so can facilitate further awakening, clear communication and receiving clear guidance from spirit.

With this wakening up at this hour, could be a call from spirit, or from your team of spirits, guides or angels or a call from your soul.

This is a time when it is easier to make a spiritual connection, and so your spirit team may be reaching out to get your attention or messages through to you. You are often woken up to receive spiritual guidance and to help guide you on your journey in life.

During this time period you have access to the hypnagogic state, the state of consciousness that is in between being awake and being asleep. It’s when you are not fully awake and grounded is awake reality, but you’ve also not fully asleep or in the dream world of the subconsciousness either. You have a foot in both worlds essentially. The hynagogic state can help us to gain access to our clairvoyant perception and to tuning into our higher self or realms. It can also be an entrance point into the astral realm; astral travel or out of body experience can also be readily available during this time.

I recommend tuning into your heart center at this time, which you are then able to access the spiritual realm for guidance, clarity and insight. It is also a great time for manifesting with spirit to create wonderful blessings and things into your life. Paint a picture in your mind, where you would like to be in your life, or how your would like your life to look like, for your deepest desires to become a reality.

Feel the emotions of your deepest desires coming true, the sheer joy of being alive, knowing that you have created incredible experiences in your life. that will help your manifest your true desires.

Early in the morning is also a powerful time to manifest, and you are being supported and able to co create with spirit to manifest blessings into your life. 3 – 5 am is a powerful time where the veil is thin, and where your psychic senses are amplified. This is also a great time to be in more tune with your Clair senses; Clair audience and clairvoyance.

So, next time you wake up during these hours, ask yourself these questions –

Why am I awake now?

Is there something from a dream that needs to be cleared?

Are spirit trying to bring in guidance for you now?

Is there a desire that you wish to manifest?

So, remember to clear your mind, open your heart, drop your awareness and tune in.

Love and Light


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