What is the meaning of finding feathers?

What does it mean when you keep finding feathers?

Feathers is the most common physical signs used by angels to get our attention.

When angels align feathers on our path, it is a sign.

The first thing that you need to know about finding feathers as a sign from the angels, is that feathers are little symbols of angel wings. Feathers represent the ability angels have to fly through the higher dimensions.

Angels are of course not physical begins and they don’t really have or need wings to fly, but the wings angels have is the symbolic of their ability to fly wings also symbolise the ability of angels to clearly transmit and deliver the messages of the Divine and the messages of source to us in the physical world.

So, when you find a feather, the meaning is not only a sign that your angels are with you, but it’s also a call to tune into the angelic energy around you, when you tune into the angelic realm and you are able to quieten your mind and to tune into the light within you, you will be able to feel their love, vibration and healing that can uplift you.

When you come across a feather within your path, angels can also align you to greater opportunities that await you, by opening doors, a chance meeting into your life. Angels do not interfere with your free will, but more so create opportunities, so that if you would like to have more angel intervention in your life, ask your angels for help, so that they can intervene and help assist you to achieve the opportunities to your life.

You can also ask angels to bring you a sign for today – by saying to your angels.

“Angels please bring me a sign for today”

Know that they will and when you do that, you will begin to receive signs.

These signs can come in a form of a feather, seeing angels numbers, or by seeing a symbolic symbol that would have meaning to you.

I hope that 2021 brings you joy and happiness in all areas of your life….

Love and light


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